We have a mobile service equipped with professional machinery, as well as high class assembly, quality control and testing tools.

Our mobile service offers:

  • on-site installation of our products,
  • Preparation of high pressure hydraulics pipelines for Ø6÷Ø42mm tubes connected (without welding),
  • Pneumatic process cleaning using “AIR-MATE” post prefabrication system,
  • Pressure test and functional testing of hydraulic systems,
  • Modernization of hydraulic units,
  • Technical consulting and staff training.

Our equipment:

  • Service car Ford Transit equipped with special tools,
  • Professional hydraulic tubes flaring machine (from Ø6 to Ø170mm),
  • Professional hydraulic tubes bending machine (from Ø6 to Ø42mm),
  • Special pneumatic device “AIR-MATE”,
  • Hydraulic unit for maximum oil pressure 280bar.